I've Made A Spiritual Decision

Is God asking you to take a "next step"? Fill this out to let us know so we can to partner with you!

We are all on a journey through life, part physical and emotional, and the core of that journey is spiritual. We believe that God is Real, that He is present in our lives today through His Holy Spirit because of His son Jesus, and that he has something to say to each of us ... All. The. Time. We're convinced these are key moments where each of us has an opportunity to respond to God in obedience to continue moving forward in our spiritual journey.

If God has spoken to you today and revealed something to you, where you need to take a spiritual "next step", we'd like to know about it so that we can partner with you on this next part of your journey. That partnership may look like: We're praying for you and with you. Or we can provide a resource: a book, a podcast, a spiritual mentor or counselor. Or, we may connect you with a team leader or an organization where you can serve God and His people. OR ... maybe all you'll need is for someone to listen and/or encourage you along the way.

Complete the form to let us know how God is working in your life, and what steps you believe He may be asking of you and we will be in touch to partner with you along the way.