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Prayer Wall


MARY NICKELS - 3/16/23

Good morning church, my sister Donna is in the hospital struggling with COPD. I just ask that you would keep her in your prayers, keep the medical staff in your prayers. So grateful for a praying Church family!

BEN NEWTON - 2/22/23

I seek confession and help with my anger, disobedience, lying, and taking advantage of situations. I do not want any of this in my life. It is such a challenge and I seek prayers.


They found MS lesions & fluid & inflammation on both my optic nerves earlier this week- the MS is now effecting not one but both eyes. We just need lots of prayers.


My oldest son AlecZander his kidneys are not functioning barley at all we don't know what the problem is yet but he sees the doctor on Monday.


Brandi's father, Bobby, fell last night and broke his leg. He is in surgery this morning. Please pray for his recovery.


My Aunt who is like a mom to me is in the hospital fighting for her life. She has been sick for awhile with Parkinson’s and her body is tired. They finally were able to get her to breathe on her own, now it’s her BP being toO low. We really need a Christmas miracle. She is improving, but still not out of the woods yet.


I need prayers for healing from my surgery and for healing with another medical issue. Thank you!


Daniel Jang is working toward learning to drive. He has his learners permit. He needs to buy a good used car as soon as possible so that he can learn to drive. Please pray that he be led to a good used car for no more than $5000. This may take a miracle. God is our provider!


Just wanted to update and say that my aunt Patty is no longer with us anymore but with the Heavenly Father. She passed October 3rd. Thanks all who prayed for her. We love each of you.

MARY NICKELS - 9/13/22

From Marge Stansbury; Mary would you put Rich on the prayer chain. He is having eye procedure to try to help the macular degeneration Friday September 16

KANDICE - 8/24/22

My oldest daughter Stephanie had surgery on Dec 23rd, 2021 and is still suffering memory loss because of it. She is now going through a divorce and has moved in with me here in Lincoln. Please pray for her complete healing and that she'll be able to find a job.

MICHELLE - 8/12/22

Please pray for housing options and finances. We have still yet to find a place that is affordable and have to move this weekend. I know God has a plan and trust but sometimes it's difficult not to stress and worry. Pray also for peace and direction and clarity that the next steps are what he wants and not what I want.

Anonymous - 8/4/22

Please pray for Tresha. For God to bring revival to her personally.


Jeanette Sellhorst's brother, Brian, and his wife were in a terrible car accident yesterday near Fremont. They were life flighted to Omaha. They are alive but have a long recovery ahead of them.


I need your prayers as I am having a total knee replacement on August 1. Please pray that everything will go well and for a complete recovery. Thank you.


I need prayers for me and my husband. He has been battling addiction for most of his life. He was doing well for along time and recently fell. He got into trouble and now has to face the consequences in which he has asked god to forgive him. Because of his actions it has put us into a financial downfall. We’ve gotten an eviction notice and have fallen behind on some other bills. He can’t work because of his disability in which we are still waiting on DSSI to approve his case. He's in pain and some of it is very severe which is mostly why he fell trying to kill the pain. We just had our 8 yr anniversary last Friday. I have prayed many prayers to help him stay strong and to be pain free. I need Gods help for strength to keep working 45-50 hours a week and still not making it with bills. I know God is here and will provide. Thank you all for your prayers. God bless you all.

MARIJO HERMAN - 6/18/2022

One of the Jang boys needs a good bicycle to ride to school this fall.

ESTHER OBORNY - 6/3/2022

Pray for my Tracy she goes to Mayo Clinic on Monday that they can help with finding out about her flareups and with her lupus and auto immune and blood clots from time to time. She is searching for something to help her body. Thanks for praying and help us Jesus to wait for the help that you give. Amen thanks for praying with me.


My aunt Patty has 6-9 months left to live but I know God knows her time here on earth. But please pray for a miracle and the time we have left with my aunt. We want what God wants but it’s hard.

AMBER RUPERT - 5/13/2022

I was recently diagnosed with a 5mm brain aneurysm. The doctors don't have a treatment plan yet. I could use a lot of prayers.


Prayers for direction financially and in my job. And for peace in my heart. God has a plan.


Please continue to pray for my aunt Patty. As she has one more of her clinical trial treatment I think. Next week she goes to Mayo. Pray for what else she can do for her treatment. And doctors wisdom. Thanks so much.


Please continue to pray for my aunt Patty. She continues to fight hard on her pancreatic cancer and liver cancer. She was taken to the ER because she dealt with non stop throwing up and shaking uncontrollably. She had a surgery to help with pain. But just pray for her as she is dealing with pain. Thanks.